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Planning Playtime: November 2014

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sight Words Games - The fun way to do Homework!

My cute kindergartner and I continue our plan to make homework awesome.  She's the kid that came out jumping, and she hasn't really stopped moving since.  Each week she gets a list of sight words to memorize, and we are working to make the process and fun as possible.  Keeping her interested in reviewing the same words over and over again until they are committed to memory is a bit of a stretch, but we keep trying.  This week we had some challenging new words, so we came up with some new games that she really loved.  These videos are when she was just starting out, and she made significant progress in just the few minutes it took to film.  

Musical Sight Words

This game is very recognizable as Musical Chairs.  Just type or write up the sight words that your child needs practice on, let him/her cute them out and push play.

Crossing the Creek

For this game you will need to type or write up the words your child needs work on.  Then set them randomly out on the floor.  Call out words one at a time and your child will try to step on that word.  The goal is for them to make it from one side to the other without stepping off of the papers.

Matching Sight Words

Here's another oldie but goodie.  You can use your word strips from the previous two games and keep changing up the activities until those sight words are second nature.  

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