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Planning Playtime: October 2013

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

We are adding one more little one to our brood, and since we decided to tell everyone in October we decided to come up with a pumpkin inspired pregnancy announcement.

Jack-o-lantern Family
To make our family of jack-o-lanterns my husband painted faces on pumpkins for each member of our family.  We got hats for the boys and made braided yarn wigs for the girls.  For the new baby we cut off the end of a binki and glued it onto the pumpkin to make it look like it was sucking on the pacifier.  Then we added a few questions marks to the new addition and added a Happy Halloween.

Instructions for Yarn Wigs
Supplies: Yarn and Clear Hair Elastics.

Determine the length you want your wig to be.  Add a little bit extra because it will be braided.  Cut 75-100 strands of yarn at that length for each wig.  You will need a 6 inch section in the middle that is not braided.  Take on hair elastic and place it around the yarn on either side of this 6 inch stretch.  Then braid each side down to the end of your yarn and place another elastic at the end of each braid.  Trim the bottom of the yarn to be somewhat even.

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